Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most famous neighbourhoods and very popular with young people with its department stores located around the station.

Shibuya Crossing (Japan’s busiest and most famous crossroads), 109 (ready-to-wear shopping mall) and the statue of Hachiko (Japan’s most loyal dog) are essential and have even become symbols of this neighbourhood.

Surrounded by many giant screens, the Shibuya Crossing is sometimes considered the Japanese Times Square, it is an iconic place of Japan.

Compared to other traditional cities or neighbourhoods such as Asakusa, Shibuya has been the centre of modern culture for over forty years. And with the development of social networks, Shibuya becomes the origin of the culture «kawaii» («cute» in Japanese), and a high place of female fashion.

Hachiko à ShibuyaShibuya CrossingShibuya CrossingShibuya Crossing

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