Shibamata is a district on the edge of Tokyo, known for its shopping alley and temple. It is also famous for being the place where Torajiro or Tora-San lives, the hero of many famous Japanese films « It’s hard to be a man, a story of a sensitive man « . A status of him was even erected next to the station.

The shopping alley of Shibamata retains the atmosphere and appearance of the Shôwa era. Unlike central Tokyo, Shibamata remained frozen in nostalgia for a traditional Tokyo, the «good old days». You can find many shops with a unique atmosphere that sell, for example, traditional cakes like wagashi and Senbei.

At the end of the shopping alley is the main Buddhist temple of this district, the Shibamata-Taisyakuten, which was built at the beginning of the 17th century. The latter has a clean and very old pine style extending its branches for several meters. Many writers, like Sousei Natsume, have described this temple in their works.

If you are interested in the Japanese life of the Showa era, visiting Shibamata is a must.

Allée commerçante de Shibamata

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