Harajuku is a district making part of the district of Shibuya. It is best known for its sanctuary (Meiji Jingu) and shopping alley (Takeshita Street).

Meiji Shrine is one of the high places of Shinto religion in Tokyo. Here you will find the principles of Shinto philosophy, such as «living with nature and respecting it» by visiting this sacred sanctuary dedicated to the Meiji emperor.

As Shibuya, Harajuku is also a popular place among young people. Its shopping alley, Takeshita Street, is the origin of female fashion called «Harajuku Fashion Style».

Harajuku is therefore a district where different aspects of Japan coexist to ultimately please the greatest number.

Tori du Meiji JinguJardin au Meiji JinguTakeshita Street à HarajukuTakeshita Street à HarajukuCrêpe japonaise à Harajuku

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