Tokyo TekuTeku

This is the name of our guide activity through the Kanto region, an area that includes the cities of Tokyo, Saitama, Kamakura and Yokohama.
« Tekuteku » is a Japanese adverb that can be translated as « walking with your legs ».

The objective of Tokyo Tekuteku

Doing exactly what you want to do, but guiding you to make it even better!
Many activities are offered in Tokyo and its surroundings, but you have to know the right addresses! It is here that we intervene to orient you as best as possible according to the adventure you want to live. And it is together that we will organize a course that will correspond the most to what you want to discover, whether it is a traditional Japan, pop culture, unusual or gastronomy!

We hope that we will have a good time together and that you will enjoy your trip as much as possible!



Discover Japan

Our guides will make you discover remarkable places that are not on the guides and spared by the crowds of tourists

Understand Japan

Our guides will share with you the real Japanese culture in order to give you all the keys to understand this country

Optimize your stay

Time is precious and our guides will best organize your visits according to your wishes in order to make you discover the most things

Follow the guide

Les transports à Tokyo peuvent parfois être un vrai casse tête ! Mais pas de panique, vous n’aurez qu’à suivre nos guides pour arriver à bon port

Taste Japan

It is an extremely rich and delicious Japanese gastronomy that our guides will make you discover

Japanese guides

Our guides are French-speaking Japanese and will be able to introduce you to Japan and their culture

Further information

Customer reviews

  • Great guide in French! Shotaro speaks French very well and guides us to the best places in Tokyo and Japan that he knows perfectly, being very attentive to our wishes and knows how to adapt at any time to a change of program!

    Alain Law Man Yo
  • We made a very pleasant discovery of Tokyo with our guide Shotaro in a French well mastered. During two days he made us discover a Tokyo that we certainly would not have discovered alone. We recommend it for future visitors looking for a very nice and available guide.

    Remy René
  • Super guide in French that makes us discover Tokyo outside the usual major tourist circuits. Thanks to Shotaro for his kindness and his ability to adapt to the tourists desires!

    Nadège Cheung
  • Shotaro accompanied us for 2 days to discover an unusual Tokyo (we discovered Mount Takao and attended a Buddhist ceremony). He introduced us to different and varied districts. He gave us the explanations and showed himself very available to make us these 2 days pleasant. His mastery of French is remarkable. Thanks again to Shotaro for guiding us in this extraordinary city!

    Martin Portal
  • We shared 4 days with Shotaro. Pure fun. We were 2 adults and 1 teenager of 17 years. Visits were pro and fun. Shotaro respected our desires. An excellent guide!

    Myriam Bricout-Opalvens

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